New Technology Blog!

ok, finally decided to try out this blog platform..

I am involved in web technology, architecture, web products, etc. and will publish stuff related to this type of technologies. There are quite a lot of hot things happening on the web these days (well it has ben like that for a looonnnng time) and there are always new trends and exciting stuff coming out. The thing is everybody gets excited when the "new stuff" arrive and publishes a lot of articles, invest plenty of energy. But it is only when the wave has passed that we can see the actual business and practical benefits for organisations. We have seen thius happening in "recent years" for C++, java, .net, soap/web services, etc. And now we have web 2.0 and it is not difficult to see the same pattern. There is a great value in web 2.0, but we still dont know exactly what will be the final outcome… But hey!, we love our toys and technology would be so boring without them 🙂

So this blog is about deciphering the new technologies and trying to figure out what it means and where it can be used… Well that's only a try, isn't it?

As it will be a kind of brainstorm, I probably wont filter things too much. Sensitive souls should then wear protective filter glasses where needed.. 🙂 Shoutings and reactions whatever they are are welcome…


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