VOIP Phones : Gizmo

I tried Gizmo (“the Skype killer” application) a few months ago and was put off by it at that time because it sent emails to everybody on my address book. Also most of my friends are on skype or msn so I couldnt see the point of using another one.. But I still receive emails from Gizmo… They offers a new feature which is quite unique on the market: free PC to telephon calls!! Yes, not PC to PC, byut PC to actual landline AND mobiles.. Given the fact I spend quite a lot of money on skype calling my gf’s mobile abroad, I decided to try it out and installed it on 2 different machines. At first it didnt work, I wasn’t authorised to call my mobile. They have some rules regarding who can call telephones w/o paying. The user must be “active”. Still unsure what that means, but after a week after the installation, I finally got to call my mobile.. Seems promising..

Apart from that it looks like a good product with quaility of sound and a nice user interface. If they had video I would be tempted to try it out for calling my family abroad…


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