Apollo and Flex

Just started the evaluation of flex and Apollo…


Flex is an application layer on top of flash. Provides an API for building RIA type of applications and a builder transforming xml descriptors to flash. Includes a network layer enabling very easy communication with server backend (almost any type of server).

Apollo is an application allowing html/js or flex applications to live on the desktop. Manages connexion status to server and provides way to launch even websites such as GMAIL as a desktop application. Seems very easy to use and quite powerful. Cross plateform way to create applications.

First reaction:

Flex is really cool. I already evaluated Flash in 2004 and found at that time that it had probably the best foundation for creating networked applications: excellent APIs and debugger:

  • Object oriented javascript (with classes etc.)
  • excellent network layer supporting various protocols such as SOAP, AMF, XML/Rest, text files, etc.

Flex adds another level by providing a set of controls (radio boxes, text areas, etc.) and widgets (layout widgets, tables etc.).

Only point to check out: drag/drop and integration with OS.

Apollo: like widget engines, a cool way to write cross browser networked applications. And supporting html/js + Flex => cool and easy!


Watch this space! I hope Adobe will win a market share in the RIA space. I’ll start evaluating it soon for enterprise types of applications because it seems to be able to bring in the browser web 2.0 type of applications that are stronger and faster than DHTML ones (which I use now)….


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