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Microsoft Gadgets

October 19, 2006

Please ignore the last part of the previous post: Microsoft DOES provide a widget engine and is actually providing the right model for it… Just found their developer blog:

But as many features as we are adding to, the site is still very much a Gadget platform for you developers out there to build on. We rely on you to build rich and interesting Live Gadgets that we haven’t thought of, and to build a strong ecosystem around this platform. is still in Beta today, but it promises to be one of the most popular Internet destinations when we launch later this year. You can leverage on the high traffic site to extend services beyond your web site by building Gadgets that live on”

and their todo list seems promising:

Some of the things that we know we need to work on are:

  1. Unified Gadget model – we want to enable developers to write a Gadget once and have it run on both Vista Sidebar and on the web, maybe even in other environments.
  2. Allow 3rd party gadgets to change header and footer – today, all 3rd party Gadgets are hosted within and iframe and do not have access to the title, title icon and footer.
  3. Make calling web services easier – this is self-explanatory.
  4. Better Settings model – there is no standard way to do settings today for 3rd party Gadgets. We would like to move to a more declarative model.
  5. Better Localization model – we provide API for you to find out the query the current locale but we don’t provide much other support otherwise. This is not a big problem for most Gadgets, but it would be nice for more advanced Gadgets.

Looks like we’ll see Vista with a widget system intergrated in side bars… Anyone having tested Vista yet?

But will that support other platforms? Y! and G! widget engines work on PC and Macs…